Website registration agreement

  1. Prompt clause

  This agreement is jointly concluded by the network user and PNG download and has the effect of contract. The other party to the agreement is called "user" or "you".

  The headings of each clause are only used to help you understand the main purpose of the clause, and do not affect or limit the meaning or interpretation of the terms of this agreement. In order to protect your own rights and interests, it is recommended that you carefully read the specific statements of each clause.

  You should carefully read this agreement before clicking agree to this agreement in the application registration process. You must carefully read and fully understand the contents of each clause, especially the clauses of exemption or limitation of liability, application of law and dispute resolution. The terms of exemption or limitation of liability will be marked in bold and you should focus on it. If you have any questions about the agreement, you can consult PNG download customer service.

  When you check "√" at "read and agree to PNG download user agreement" during the registration process and successfully register as a PNG download user according to the registration process, it means that you fully accept all terms under this agreement, or you actually use PNG download services in other ways allowed by PNG download, it means that you have fully read Understand and accept all contents of this Agreement and reach an agreement with PNG download. You promise to accept and abide by the provisions of this agreement. At that time, you shall not claim that this agreement is invalid or some terms in this Agreement are invalid, or do not abide by the provisions of this Agreement on the grounds of not reading the contents of this agreement or not obtaining the answer of PNG Download to your inquiry. In the process of reading this agreement, if you disagree with this agreement or any of its terms, you shall immediately stop the registration process. If you have not applied for the registration process, or you have become a registered user of PNG download before this agreement takes effect, your access and / or use of PNG download shall be deemed to be your agreement to accept all the contents of this agreement. Otherwise, please terminate your access or use of PNG download website.

  2. Scope of agreement

  2.1 this agreement is jointly concluded by you and the operator of PNG download. This agreement has contractual effect for you and the operator of PNG download.

  2.2 unless otherwise expressly stated, PNG download services include any Internet and mobile network-based services provided by PNG download, and are bound by this agreement. If you do not agree with the agreement, you shall immediately stop registering / activating the program or stopping using PNG download service.

  2.3 the contents of this agreement include the text of the agreement, legal statements, PNG download website announcement and all kinds of rules, announcements or notices that PNG download has published or may publish in the future (hereinafter collectively referred to as "website Convention" or "announcement"). All rules are an integral part of this Agreement and have the same legal effect as the text of the agreement.

  2.4 with the rapid development of the Internet, PNG download has the right to formulate and modify this Agreement and / or various rules from time to time as required, and make change announcements in the form of website publicity without notifying you separately. Once the changed agreement and rules are published on the website, they will take effect immediately or automatically at a specific time specified in the announcement. If you continue to use PNG download service after the above change announcement, it means that you have read, understood and accepted the revised agreement and rules. If you do not agree with the relevant changes, you should immediately stop using PNG download service.

  3. Account registration and use

  3.1 user registration refers to the process in which you log in to PNG download according to PNG download login mode and confirm that you agree to perform relevant user agreements.

  3.1.1 you confirm that before you start the registration procedure to use PNG download service, you should have the civil capacity appropriate to your behavior as stipulated by the laws of the people's Republic of China. If you do not have the above-mentioned civil capacity suitable for your behavior, you and your guardian shall bear all consequences arising therefrom in accordance with the law.

  3.1.2 after you fill in the information according to the prompts on the registration page, read and agree to this Agreement and complete all the registration procedures, you will obtain the account ID uniquely corresponding to your identity and become a PNG download user. You need to make sure that the login mobile phone, QQ account and wechat account you use are my own accounts to ensure the authenticity of the registration information.

  3.1.3 because your PNG download account is associated with your personal information and PNG download business information, your PNG download account can only be used by yourself. Without the consent of PNG download, your direct or indirect authorization to a third party to use your PNG download account or obtain information under your account is invalid. If PNG download judges that the use of your account may endanger your account security and / or PNG download information security, PNG download may refuse to provide corresponding services or terminate this agreement.

  3.1.4 [real name authentication] as the operator of PNG download, PNG download may require you to complete real name authentication according to PNG download requirements and Chinese laws in order to make you better use PNG download's services and ensure your account security.

  3.2 [account download restrictions] PNG download gives each account the qualification to download works through the official procedures of the website under certain conditions. However, as a website manager, PNG download has the right to give certain download restrictions at the same time in order to protect the security of the account and the website operation rules without assuming legal liability. If the account user applies to PNG Download for opening, PNG download has the right to decide whether to open the download restriction according to the specific situation of the user.

  3.3 registration information management

  3.3.1 the registration information is true and legal. When using PNG download service, you should accurately and completely provide your information (including your name and e-mail address, contact phone, contact address, etc.) according to the prompts on PNG download page, so that PNG download can contact you when necessary. You understand and agree that you are obliged to maintain the authenticity and validity of the information you provide.

  3.3.2 the account name you set shall not violate the national laws and regulations and PNG download rules on the management of account name, otherwise PNG download may suspend or cancel your account name and report to the competent authority. You understand and promise that there shall be no illegal and bad information in your account name, avatar, profile and other registration information, and there are no fraudulent use, affiliated institutions or social celebrities. In the process of account registration, you shall abide by the seven bottom lines of laws and regulations, socialist system, national interests, citizens' legitimate rights and interests, public order, social ethics and information authenticity.

  3.3.3 you agree and authorize, in order to provide better service for you and ensure your account security, PNG DownLoad can initiate user identity authenticity, user credit record, and reliable service to the reliable units such as the national identity enquiry service center, telecom operators, financial services institutions, etc. according to the information you provide, such as mobile phone numbers and ID number. Query the validity status of the user's mobile phone number.

  3.3.4 update maintenance

  You should update the information you provide in a timely manner. If the law clearly requires PNG download to verify the information of some users, PNG download will check and verify your information from time to time according to law, and you should cooperate to provide the latest, true and complete information. If PNG download fails to contact you according to the information you provided last time, you fail to provide information in time according to PNG download's requirements, and the information you provide is obviously untrue, you will bear all losses and adverse consequences caused to yourself, others and PNG download.

  3.4 account security specification

  3.4.1 your account is set up by yourself and kept by you. It is recommended that you take good care of your account, and ensure that you log out at the end of each Internet session and leave PNG Download with the correct steps.

  3.4.2 you shall bear the losses and consequences caused by your active disclosure of the account or other acts of attack and fraud by others.

  3.4.3 your account can only be used by yourself and cannot be lent or shared with others. When your account is used without authorization, you should immediately notify PNG download, otherwise the unauthorized use will be regarded as your own behavior, and you will bear all the losses and consequences caused thereby.

  3.5 except for the fault of PNG download, you shall be responsible for all behavior results under your account (including but not limited to signing various agreements online, publishing information, purchasing goods and services and disclosing information). If you find any unauthorized use of your account to log in to PNG download or other circumstances that may cause your account to be stolen or lost, you are recommended to notify PNG download immediately. You understand that PNG download takes reasonable time to take action on any of your requests. Except for PNG download's fault, PNG download shall not be liable for the consequences that have occurred before taking action.

  4. Services and specifications of PNG Download

  4.1 PNG download service

  Png download provides you with the following services, including but not limited to:

  1) Png download website service;

  2) Png download membership service (hereinafter referred to as "membership service"); For charged network services, PNG download will give users a clear prompt before using them. Users can use these charged network services only after they confirm that they are willing to pay relevant fees according to the prompt. If the user refuses to pay relevant fees, PNG download has the right not to provide such charging network services to the user.

  3) Picture and document upload and sharing service (hereinafter referred to as "content upload service");

  4) Png download search service (hereinafter referred to as "search service");

  5) Png download download service (hereinafter referred to as "download service");

  6) Other technologies and / or services provided by PNG download (hereinafter referred to as "other technologies and services").

  (the above services are collectively referred to as "PNG download service").

  4.2 service specification

  4.2.1 you can upload, publish or transmit relevant content on PNG download through PNG download service, including but not limited to text, software, programs, graphics, pictures, sound, music, video, audio and video, links and other information or other materials (hereinafter referred to as "content"), but you shall bear relevant legal liabilities for this content.

  4.2.2 since the services provided by PNG download platform belong to the nature of electronic bulletin board (BBS), the content information of works on PNG download platform shall be provided and uploaded by the user, and the user shall bear corresponding legal liabilities for all the information provided and uploaded. Png download platform reprints works (including forum content) for the purpose of transmitting more information, which does not mean that PNG download agrees with its views or has confirmed the authenticity of its content.

  4.2.3 unless otherwise proved, PNG download regards you as the copyright owner of the content you upload, publish or transmit on PNG download. You need to ensure that you have full ownership of the works uploaded to PNG download website through PNG download network service, including but not limited to copyright or copyright legal authorization, model portrait right authorization, property right authorization and other relevant legal rights. At the same time, it is guaranteed that the uploaded works shall not infringe or violate the copyright, patent right, trademark right, trade secret, privacy right, reputation right, portrait right, real right, publicity right or other intellectual property or exclusive rights of third parties.

  4.2.4 by using PNG download service to upload, publish or transmit content, you have the right and agree to permanently, irrevocably and free grant PNG download the right to store, use, publish, copy, distribute, exhibit, network broadcast, modify, adapt, publish, translate, create derivative works, disseminate Performance and display rights; The right to incorporate all or part of the content into any other form of works, media and technology; The right to commercial development of your uploaded and published content; Through wired or wireless networks, provide information download, download and download to computer terminals, mobile communication terminals (including but not limited to portable communication devices such as mobile phones and smart tablets), handheld digital video playback devices, TV receiving devices (analog signal receiving devices, digital signal receiving devices, digital TV, IPTV, playback devices with internet access function, etc.) The right to data transmission and related publicity and promotion services; Sublicense to other third parties the right to use in the above manner; And the right to independently protect the rights of works.

  You agree to abide by the following laws and regulations in the process of using our platform services: Law of the people's Republic of China on Guarding State secrets, copyright law of the people's Republic of China, regulations of the people's Republic of China on the security protection of computer information systems, regulations on the protection of computer software, regulations on the administration of Internet electronic announcement services Regulations on the protection of the right to information network dissemination and other laws and regulations related to computer and Internet regulations. In any case, once we reasonably believe that your behavior may violate the above laws and regulations, we can terminate the services provided to you at any time without prior notice.

  4.3 change, interruption or termination of services

  4.3.1 in view of the particularity of network services, the user agrees that PNG download has the right to change, interrupt or terminate part or all of the network services (including toll network services) at any time. If the changed, interrupted or terminated network service is a free network service, PNG download does not need to notify the user, nor bear any responsibility to any user or any third party; If the changed, interrupted or terminated network service is a toll network service, PNG download shall notify the user in advance before the change, interruption or termination.

  4.3.2 the user understands that PNG download needs to overhaul or maintain the platform providing network services (such as Internet website) or relevant equipment regularly or irregularly. If the charging network service is interrupted within a reasonable time due to such circumstances, PNG download does not have to bear any responsibility for this, but PNG Download